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  • Guide - Property - Renting | Whats On In TRNC

    Guides > Property > Renting Out Many property buyers see holiday income as a return on investment and as an ongoing contribution towards ongoing costs of ownership. If you purchase wisely, you can make a significant income from renting your apartment or villa but you need to be realistic about what’s involved. ​ Proactive Rentals What does this mean? It’s a modern way of saying ‘Guaranteed Rentals ’ where the developer you buy from will guarantee you X amount of rental income, but usually for no more than 2 years. Now, we all know there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so how can developers afford to do this? Simple. You pay more for the apartment in the first place, then the Developer give you some of your own money back. For example, say an apartment would normally cost £90,000. The Developer will sell this to you £100,000, then guarantee you £10,000 in rental income over the first two years. In other words, they charged £10,000 more for the property, then gave you £10,000 back, and your effective net price is £90,000, which is what they wanted to charge you in the first place. Proactive Rentals or Guaranteed Rentals is a common selling tactic by developers all over the world and Northern Cyprus is no different . Now, you might like this, or you might prefer to look for an equivalent apartment for £90,000 - it’s up to you. If you’re adamant you want rental income guaranteed, then buy on sites which offer rental guarantees but be aware that villas for sale in TRNC don’t normally offer this. ​ Marketing Are you willing to market your property yourself to get guests? If you are, this would probably mean a website of your own or working with AirBnB or similar. If you aren’t, you may prefer sites with proactive rentals. ​ Management Liaison Are you willing to organise and liaise with a local management company over the handover (cleaning, meet and greet etc) and the arrival of your guests? ​ Personal Use If you’ll use the property yourself during the year, there are apartment sites which offer rental guarantees but allow you 4 weeks a year for personal use. If you’re not going to use the apartment yourself during the year, you can also consider all-year rental. This would work for villas or apartments quite close to a city such as Kyrenia or Famagusta, but it also has its downsides. For example, if you don’t know the tenants, how do you know they’ll treat the property well and not trash it? What if they’re a local, claim squatters rights and you can’t get them out? There’s a number of issues to think about when renting long term, and you should consult a lawyer for more advice. ​ Return on Investment (ROI) If you’re expecting more than 10% a year ROI, you probably have over expectations. Developers might increase the price of a unit by 10% and give you it back as a Guaranteed Rental, but anything more than 10% and the higher price starts to affect demand, so they normally won’t go above 10%. ​ Season or Annual Income Many holidaymakers who come in winter request an indoor pool so if you don’t have this, you may get less bookings, unless you’re close to a city like Kyrenia, Nicosia or Famagusta which can attract year round lets. If you’re expecting income from just the main tourist season, 18 weeks a year is realistic for the right property. ​ Guest Requirements ​ Shops & restaurants : A property within walking distance of shops, restaurants, bars etc is a real plus. Even if guests do hire a car, they don’t want to drink and drive. Apartments near large supermarkets aren’t that many, so it’s easier to get a property near restaurants than near to supermarkets. ​ Pool . A shared or indoor swimming pool is essential. ​ Indoor heated pool (for all year rentals), gym, mini market, children’s facilities, onsite restaurant. The more there are, the more guests you’ll attract, but you may pay more in site fees. ​ Bus : Relates to car hire. Some sites have bus services to the nearest town which is great for holiday lets, while others are on dolmus or bus routes. The nearer your property is to Kyrenia or Famagusta, the more buses there’s likely to be, and the cheaper and shorter taxi rides. ​ Bedrooms : If you have a 1-bedroom property, make sure you have a sofa bed in the sitting room to sleep 4 in all. The more guests you can include, the more demand you ‘ll have. ​ Child-Friendly: Parents will be thinking of their child’s safety, so penthouses or very high-up property are not always the best. A safe site with a nice garden, large terrace and perhaps some small section of a private garden is a great help for children, as well as play areas. Ground floor apartments can be cheaper per m2 and will rent just as well.

  • Guide - Property- Interior Designers | Whats On In TRNC

    Aerial View Middle Pool Middle Pool Top Pool Gardens Top Pool Guides > Property > Interior Designers Beyler Elena Anoniou Doka 511 D N D R Miro Nohrara Estates Fuga Ice Blue

  • Guide - Property - Buying Property | Whats On In TRNC

    Guides > Property > Buying Property Issues to watch out for: Lawyers acting for both buyer and seller , therefore not independent Lack of planning permission or building permits Fluctuations in currency and interest rates affecting prices/charges Payment plans or fees not being included in the initial contract Ability to obtain certificates of final completion (deeds cannot be issued without this) Ability to obtain title deeds What redress is there if problems are identified With all property purchases, we strongly recommend you seek your own independent legal advice. ​ Lawyers First meetings with lawyers are normally free , so it’s worth having a meeting before selecting a property, to make sure you’re happy with the legalities of owning a home in Northern Cyprus. Provide your lawyer with full information about the property plus details of any informal or verbal agreements you’ve made with the vendor regarding price, payment schedule and included items . Your lawyer can also give you advice about setting up a business, residency, taxation, or drawing up a new will . Legal firms increasingly offer multi-lingual services , advice and property contracts in English, Turkish, Russian and German . Their websites will give you more information. ​ Power of Attorney (POA) Unless you speak Turkish and live in North Cyprus full time, you need a lawyer. Setting up a limited POA with a certified legal advisor in the TRNC is a free and very quick process. It’s ONLY for the process of buying property and is without risk to yourself. Proof of identify required is your passport plus recent bank or utility bill. You can do this during a visit giving you the option to still buy after you leave. A POA enables the lawyer to sign documents on your behalf if you’re away from Northern Cyprus for periods of time. Giving this POA is usually without charge, and enables all the important buying processes from the contract registration, to putting the deeds into your name, to be done without you having to return. ​ Number of properties Non-TRNC citizens are allowed to hold one property of up to 5 donums, or just over 1.5 acres . Husband and wife qualify for one property each, as the restriction is one property per person. Multiple properties can be purchased by setting up a company or TRNC trust , or finding a trusted nominee to hold title for you. Properties can be registered in the name of an individual or a company . Setting up a TRNC company to hold the property title may have tax benefits. Consult a lawyer for advice. ​ Taxes There are four main taxes involved in any property sale and purchase transaction. These taxes are: Capital Gains Tax - (Stopaj). Payable to the Tax Office by the seller unless varied by an express clause in the Contract of Sale. The Tax Office requires a copy of the Contract of Sale prior to transfer of title. Currently 4% of the assessed value of the property. VA.T. – Payable to the Tax Office by the seller if they’re deemed by the Tax Office to be a ‘Professional Vendor’ (i.e. whether the transaction is of a commercial nature or for profit). The Tax Office requires a copy of the Contract of Sale presented prior to transfer of title. Currently 5% of the Contract value. Transfer Fee - Payable to the Land Registry Office just before transfer of title takes place. Usually paid by the buyer and is currently 3% of the assessed value of the property for locals and 12% for foreigners. Stamp Duty - Payable to the Tax Office by the buyer unless varied by an express clause in the Contract of Sale. All Contracts of Sale must be registered at the District Lands Office within 21 days of being signed. Stamp Duty of 0.5% of the contract value must be paid before registration can take place. Obtaining permission to purchase The obtaining of permission to purchase is protracted and can take anywhere from 1 month to one year , but this doesn’t mean you’ll be unable to take possession. Once contracts have been exchanged and registered at the Land Registry, you’ll acquire beneficial interest and contractual rights of the property. Not only can you take possession, but your rights on the property are protected at the Land Registry Office, therefore no third party can buy, sell, or claim your property until permission is granted and deeds are transferred. ​ Can I sell my property before I obtain my purchase permission? Yes - if you’ve negotiated with the seller to insert a clause allowing you to sell the property before taking title. Your lawyer would then prepare an assignment of contract to be signed between you, the seller, and the new buyer, assigning all of your rights and obligations under the contract to the new buyer. ​ Property Prices Up to date information on housing prices is available from 101evler .

  • Guide - Property - Loans | Whats On In TRNC

    Guides > Property > Property Loan Nowadays, many home buyers, even the ones who don't have difficulty with funds, understand the benefits of credit plans. The way property loans or mortgages are provided in Northern Cyprus is achieved simply buying it on credit . Lack of formalities related to the provision of documents, favourable credit conditions, and favourable interest rates, are just some of the features which make credit plans increasingly popular. When buyers purchase property using credit plans, they still become owners of the property immediately after registration of the contract , not after the credit is paid off. For a foreign citizen, receiving a bank loan in Northern Cyprus can be a complicated process, so developers attract foreign buyers by offering flexible payment plans and credit loans themselves . In short, property loans are provided by developers in the form of credit, not by banks or mortgage providers. Foreign citizens are very active property buyers in Northern Cyprus, therefore even small developers take loans from banks themselves and use that to supply credit plans for buyers. Credit for 10-15 years can be obtained in Northern Cyprus with just a valid passport and a down payment for the property, so the process is really easy. Property that's being purchased using a credit plan is still transferred into the buyer’s name immediately after signing the contract. The conditions of the Credit Plan ​ are written into the contract of sale and the property becomes the security for the loan . Obtaining full ownership of the property (receiving title deeds in owner’s name) is done after full repayment of the loan . Even though your credit plan may be over, for example, 15 years, you're still the owners and can still rent or sell the property. With proper management of acquired property, if it'll be used for rental, not only does it cover all the costs of the loan, but can also bring profit. If you sell the property before you've repaid in full, the oustanding amount is simply settled from the proceeds of the sale, just like any other mortgage. Since the loan in North Cyprus is provided directly by developers, credit conditions offered are different. Terms of the acquisition of real estate loans vary depending on the project, payment terms and the market situation, but they share the following rules: ​ - To obtain a loan, only avalid passport is needed - A down payment for the property ranges from 10% to 50% (average is 35%) - The interest rate varies from 5% to 13% per annum , depending on the builder ​ It's not hard to obtain a loan in Cyprus from the development company for new properties (not resale properties or properties being sold by private individuals). You can even arrange the purchase of property in Northern Cyprus with a credit plan without coming to the island to process the transaction.

  • Guide - Property- Maintenance | Whats On In TRNC

    Aerial View Middle Pool Middle Pool Top Pool Gardens Top Pool Guides > Property > Property Maintenance & Management Beyler Tescomar H P M Best Dreams Esentepe Property Service Property Stop Busy Bees C D S N C E A Seastone

  • Guide - Vacations - Flights | Whats On In TRNC

    Aerial View Middle Pool Middle Pool Top Pool Gardens Top Pool Guides > Vacations > Flights > Airlines that fly to North Cyprus Turkish Airlines Corendon Pegasus Tailwind Andalou Jet Freebird

  • Guide - Vacations - Hotels | Whats On In TRNC

    Aerial View Middle Pool Middle Pool Top Pool Gardens Top Pool Guides > Vacations > Hotels in North Cyprus Name Location Phone Acapulco Holiday Village Catalkoy +90 392 650 4555 Ada Hotel Alsancak +90 392 821 8236 Alda Hotel Lapta +90 392 821 8780 Alkan Holiday Village Esentepe +90 392 823 6280 Almond Holiday Village Alsancak +90 392 821 2887 Altinkaya Holiday Complex Girne +90 392 815 5001 Ambelia Village Bellapais +90 392 815 3655 Anadolu Hotel Girne +90 392 815 1174 Atlantis Hotel Girne +90 392 815 2505 Avenue Hotel Girne +90 392 815 4049 Babayigit Hotel Zeytinlik +90 392 822 3939 Bare Hill Holiday Village Alsancak +90 392 821 2609 Bella View Hotel Bellapais +90 533 852 1155 Bellapais Gardens Hotel Bellapais +90 392 815 6066 Bellapais Monastery Village Hotel Bellapais +90 392 815 9171 Bristol Hotel Girne +90 392 815 6570 Bristol Hotel Girne +90 392 815 2240 Citrus Tree Gardens Alsancak +90 392 821 2872 Colony Hotel Girne +90 392 815 1518 Cratos Premium Hotel Catalkoy +90 392 444 4242 Crystal Bay View Apartments Bahceli +90 533 836 6650 Denix Konak Butil Otek Girne +90 392 815 0541 Denizkizi Hotel Alsancak +90 392 821 2676 Dome Hotel Girne +90 392 815 2453 Dorana Hotel Girne +90 392 815 3521 Elexus Hotel Girne +90 392 650 1000 Fez Boutique Hotel & Restaurant Catalkoy +90 533 867 1781 Five Ginger Holiday Village Ozankoy +90 392 815 4096 Flippers Holiday Village Lapta +90 392 821 2729 Glaro Garden Hotel Dip Karpaz Girne +90 392 372 2410 Golden Bay Hotel Alsancak +90 392 821 8540 Golden Palms Gazimagusa +90 392 366 2277 Grand Centre Boutique Hotel Girne +90 392 816 0183 Grand Pasha Hotel Girne +90 392 650 6600 Green Holiday Village Girne +90 392 821 3300 Harbour Scene Hotel Girne +90 392 815 6855 High Life Holiday Village Karakum +90 392 815 3383 Hilarion Holiday Village Karmi +90 392 822 2563 Jasmine Court Hotel Girne +90 392 815 1450 Kaan Hotel Girne +90 392 815 4515 Kaplica Hotel Karpaz +90 533 852 1361 Kaya Palazzo Hotels & Resort Karaoglanoglu +90 392 444 5292 Kyrenia Palace Hotel Girne +90 392 815 6008 LA Holiday Centre Lapta +90 392 821 8981 Lapethos Resort Hotel Lapta +90 392 821 8961 Le Chateau Lambousa Hotel Lapta +90 392 815 3535 Life Hotel Girne +90 392 815 6521 Light House Hotel Girne +90 392 815 9665 Liman Hotel Girne +90 392 815 2001 Lord's Palace Hotel Girne +90 533 650 3500 Lord's Residence Boutique Hotel Girne +90 392 820 0404 MC Palace Hotel Catalkoy +90 533 856 9552 Malpas Hotel Catalkoy +90 392 650 3000 Marmaris Hotel Lapta +90 392 821 8575 Merit Crystal Cove Hotel Alsancak +90 392 650 2000 Merit Park Hotel Kervansary +90 392 650 2500 Merit Royal Hotel Alsancak +90 392 650 4000 Meryem's Hotel Catalkoy +90 392 824 5073 Mountain View Hotel Karaoglanoglu +90 392 822 3453 Nostalgia Hotel Girne +90 392 815 3079 Olive Paradise Holiday Village Lapta +90 392 821 3390 Olive Tree Catalkoy +90 392 824 4200 Olivia Palm Boutique Hotel Girne +90 539 104 0999 Onar Holiday Village Girne +90 392 815 5850 Oscars Resort Girne +90 392 815 4801 Palm Beach Hotel Gazimagusa +90 392 366 2000 Pia Bella Hotel Girne +90 392 815 5321 Pine Bay Holiday Village Karaoglanoglu +90 392 822 3035 Riverside Holiday Complex Alsancak +90 392 821 8906 Riviera Hotel Karaoglanoglu +90 392 822 2877 Rocks Hotel & Casino Girne +90 392 650 0400 Royal Marina Hotel Girne +90 392 650 3388 Sammy's Hotel Girne +90 392 815 6279 Sempati Hotel Alsancak +90 392 821 2770 Ship Hotel Girne +90 392 815 6701 Silver Waves Hotel Karaoglanoglu +90 392 822 3208 Simena Hotel Karsiyaka +90 392 825 2476 Sofia Boutique Hotel Girne +90 392 815 2132 Tervetuloa Hotel Alsancak +90 533 863 2394 The Courtyard Karakum +90 392 815 3343 The Hideaway Karmi +90 392 822 2620 Top Set Hotel Karaoglanoglu +90 392 822 2204 Watermill Hotel Girne +90 392 815 1741 White Pearl Hotel Girne +90 533 870 9141

  • Guide - Vacations - Car Hire | Whats On In TRNC

    Aerial View Middle Pool Middle Pool Top Pool Gardens Top Pool Guides > Vacations > Flights > Car Hire in North Cyprus IHiring a car is undoubtedly the best way to see all that Northern Cyprus has to offer. It allows you to set your own timetable and go exactly where you want and when you want. Travel the scenic coastal routes from the farthest point west, all the way to the tip of the Karpaz Peninsula in the east. A journey that isn’t possible on public transport. Drive the mountain routes, take in the spectacular scenery or have a picnic under scented pines. See all the ancient sites and ramble through crusader castles with no rush to move on. Driving in Northern Cyprus is much like driving in the UK; the same side of the road, signs that are for the most part international and well-placed speed limit notices and direction signs. Pre-book in high season as demand, especially for vehicles with air-conditioning, is high. ​ ​North Cyprus car hire specifications and regulations: Rght-hand drive unless a left-hand drive car is specifically requested Manual and automatic available, state preference Cars may be calibrated in MPH or KPH Speed limits on all roads are posted in KPH Full current driving licence is required Hirers must be over 21 years of age​ Terms and Conditions of renting a car in Northern Cyprus: Prices do not normally include collision damage waiver (CDW) Additional drivers are not normally included Minimum booking is usually 3 days for pickup and drop off at apartments Minimum booking is usually 7 days for pickup and drop off at the Car hire is billed in 24 hour periods If you arrive at night, book your car from 10 am the following morning Cars are generally picked up and dropped off at around 10 am Driving in North Cyprus is similar to driving in the UK in as much as speed limits are approximately the same on conversion - 100KPH on the motorway; 50KPH in town; 65KPH limit on the approach to junctions; and the use of speed cameras is countrywide. Speeding fines are heavy. Drunken driving is not tolerated and anyone failing a breath test may well spend the night in the local police station. Seat belts are compulsory for drivers and front-seat passengers. Car Hire Companies in North Cyprus Name Location Phone A-One Rent a Car Girne +90 542 852 3006 Abant Rent a Car Girne +90 392 815 4524 Acmenya Car Rentals Alsancak +90 392 821 2736 Ada Rent a Car Girne +90 533 849 6303 Akman's Rent a Car Girne +90 533 822 4165 Arizona Rent a Car Girne +90 392 815 1355 Atakara Rent a Car Alsancak +90 392 821 8184 Atlantic Rent a Car Girne +90 392 815 3053 Autumn Rent a Car Kervansaray +90 533 866 6383 Baag Rent a Car Catalkoy +90 533 854 3040 Baspinar Rent a Car Girne +90 542 888 4888 Bellapais Rent a Car Girne +90 392 444 0131 Belvu Car Rentals Alsancak +90 392 821 8306 Bikers Club Girne +90 392 815 9245 Bird Rent a Car Karaoglanoglu +90 392 822 2379 Brisk Rent a Car Esentepe +90 533 834 2188 British Rent a Car Girne +90 533 851 7348 Carrington Cars Girne +90 533 840 0070 Cyprent Rent a Car Girne +90 533 840 0070 Cyprus Pines Rent a Car Esentepe +90 533 866 5237 Cyprus Pines Rent a Car Girne +90 392 815 0291 Dark & Blue Car Rental Girne +90 542 854 7708 Driver Rent a Car Girne +90 392 815 8851 EVA Rent a Car Girne +90 392 444 7171 Easy Quick Car Rental Girne +90 542 855 1176 GM Cyprus Rent a Car Girne +90 533 859 2159 Grandeur Rent a Car Ozankoy +90 533 873 6289 Green Valley Car Hire Alsancak +90 392 821 3107 Gsmart Rent a Car Girne +90 392 815 7850 Gunray Rent a Car Girne +90 533 868 8317 Inter Car Rental Girne +90 533 840 0410 Jeep Safari Girne +90 533 881 8993 Kyrenia Castle Rent a Car Girne +90 392 815 8970 Kyrenia Motorbike & Scooter Rental Girne +90 533 845 6019 Le Chateau Lambouse Hotel Rent a Car Lapta +90 392 821 3535 Mustafa Transfer Alsancak +90 533 877 6378 Olive Paradise Rent a Car Girne +90 392 815 4937 Oscar Car Rentals Girne +90 392 815 2272 Ozy's (Ibo's) Car & Bicycle Hire Girne +90 533 865 6305 Pacific Rent a Car Girne +90 542 852 1920 Pine Bay Club Rent a Car Alsancak +90 392 822 3032 Riverside Rent a Car Girne +90 392 821 2211 Sam's Place Rent a Car Alsancak +90 542 857 4720 Sevener Rent a Car Girne +90 392 821 2606 Soydan Car Rentals Karakum +90 392 444 1011 Sun Rent a Car Girne +90 392 815 4979

  • Guide - Vacations - Tours | Whats On In TRNC

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  • Guide - Vacations - Transfers | Whats On In TRNC

    Aerial View Middle Pool Middle Pool Top Pool Gardens Top Pool Guides > Vacations > North Cyprus Transfer Services Go North Cyprus Ercan Airport Taxis Transfer N. Cyprus Sun Transers Cyprus Paradise Get Transfer North Cy Transfer Welcome Taxi A1 Cyprus Holidays in N. Cyprus Pickup North Cyprus

  • Guide - Health - Lifestyle | Whats On In TRNC

    Guides > Health > Healthy Lifestyle

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