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A clean environment is essential to your well-being which is why we assist you to help create a home you love spending time in.


In addition to arranging routine cleaning of houses, apartments, condos and townhouses, our services include post construction cleaning; move in and move out cleaning; seasonal cleaning (e.g. spring cleaning); deep cleaning; and special occasions cleaning.


We offer one-time, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning. We're always professional and courteous and always go the extra mile for our customers. .


We'll work closely with you to know exactly what your needs are and ensure  every request is delivered. Environmentally friendly cleaning products provide you and your family with a healthy living environment.


We're professional. We do it right. 

Apartment Cleaning North Cyprus

Throughout Your Home…

  • Mirrors cleaned

  • Cobwebs removed

  • All surfaces dusted

  • Window sills dusted

  • Wastebaskets emptied

  • Hardwood floors cleaned

  • Baseboards dusted

  • Picture frames dusted

  • Ceiling fans & vents dusted 

  • Baseboards damp wipe

  • Woodwork dusted and polished 

  • All surfaces dusted & polished

  • Light switches cleaned

  • Door frames dusted


  • Night stands & dressers dusted

  • Beds made (you provide linens)

  • Carpets vacuumed & floors mopped

  • Night stands & dressers polished

  • Underneath bed cleaned 

  • Vacuum inside closets



  • Tub & shower cleaned

  • Toilets cleaned inside/out

  • Exterior cabinets wiped down

  • Sink, taps & fixtures cleaned

  • Backsplashes wiped down

  • Tub & showers scrubbed

  • Inside of empty cabinets cleaned​

Kitchen …

  • Inside microwave cleaned

  • Exterior cabinets wiped down

  • Sinks and faucets cleaned

  • Backsplash wiped down

  • Exterior range hood cleaned

  • Exterior appliances cleaned

  • Exterior cabinets polished

  • Furniture and tables wiped

  • Exterior and top of fridge dusted and cleaned

What's not included …

  • Moving heavy items (>12kg)

  • Any exterior home cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Steam cleaning

  • Polishing/buffing hardwood floors

  • Removal of pets & bodily fluids

  • Mold or infestation emoval

  • Wet-wiping light bulbs (high breakage risk)

  • Chandelier cleaning

  • Putting way dishes

  • Balconies, decks, gardens & stairwells

  • Exterior windows

  • Areas outside of normal reach

For further details of North Cyprus cleaning services 
Tel: +90 539 104 7435

Guides > Property > Buying Land

Foreign citizens have the right to acquire any desired property in North Cyprus and there are no limitations whether buying land, villa, apartment, commercial or Investment property.


Landowners or developers may also take out mortgages on land. If you sign a contract and there’s already a mortgage, loan or claim on the land, you’re likely to become liable for that mortgage should the landowner declare bankruptcy.


Ask a lawyer to check for mortgages placed on the land through the Land Registry. If you’re made aware of a mortgage before signing a contract, it’s unlikely you’ll obtain deeds in your name until the mortgage is paid off.

Land Measurements

When you’re buying land you won’t see the size in acres or hectares. In Northern Cyprus, land is usually advertised in Donum, or sometimes Evleks


Buying Land in North Cyprus

1 Donum = one third of an acre

1 Donum = 1,338 square metres

1 Donum = 14,400 square feet

1 Donum = 120 feet x 120 feet

1 Donum = 40 yards x 40 yards

1 Donum = 4 Evleks

1 Evlek     = 3,600 square feet

1 Evlek     = 60 feet x 60 feet

1 Evlek     = 20 yards x 20 yards


Freehold and Leasehold

All properties in Northern Cyprus hold a freehold title deed.  There is no leasehold.

Sovereign Base Areas (SBAs)

If you want to buy land in the SBAs you need consent of the Administrator of the Sovereign Base Areas to purchase, even if it’s owned by someone who has previously obtained consent. Without this consent the acquisition and registration is null and void. The Administrator only gives consent in exceptional circumstances. In other words, overseas buyers probably wouldn’t want to do this.

Guides > Property > Buying Property

Issues to watch out for:

  • Lawyers acting for both buyer and seller, therefore not independent

  • Lack of planning permission or building permits 

  • Fluctuations in currency and interest rates affecting prices/charges

  • Payment plans or fees not being included in the initial contract

  • Ability to obtain certificates of final completion (deeds cannot be issued without this)

  • Ability to obtain title deeds

  • What redress is there if problems are identified


With all property purchases, we strongly recommend you seek your own independent legal advice.


Buying Property in North Cyprus

First meetings with lawyers are normally free, so it’s worth having a meeting before selecting a property, to make sure you’re happy with the legalities of owning a home in Northern Cyprus. Provide your lawyer with full information about the property plus details of any informal or verbal agreements you’ve made with the vendor regarding price, payment schedule and included items. Your lawyer can also give you advice about setting up a business, residency, taxation, or drawing up a new will. Legal firms increasingly offer multi-lingual services, advice and property contracts in English, Turkish, Russian and German. Their websites will give you more information.

Power of Attorney (POA)

Unless you speak Turkish and live in North Cyprus full time, you need a lawyer.  Setting up a limited POA with a certified legal advisor in the TRNC is a free and very quick process.  It’s ONLY for the process of buying property and is without risk to yourself.  Proof of identify required is your passport plus recent bank or utility bill.  You can do this during a visit giving you the option to still buy after you leave.  A POA enables the lawyer to sign documents on your behalf if you’re away from Northern Cyprus for periods of time.  Giving this POA is usually without charge, and enables all the important buying processes from the contract registration, to putting the deeds into your name, to be done without you having to return.

Number of properties

Non-TRNC citizens are allowed to hold one property of up to 5 donums, or just over 1.5 acres. Husband and wife qualify for one property each, as the restriction is one property per person. Multiple properties can be purchased by setting up a company or TRNC trust, or finding a trusted nominee to hold title for you. Properties can be registered in the name of an individual or a company. Setting up a TRNC company to hold the property title may have tax benefits. Consult a lawyer for advice.


There are four main taxes involved in any property sale and purchase transaction. These taxes are:

  • Capital Gains Tax - (Stopaj). Payable to the Tax Office by the seller unless varied by an express clause in the Contract of Sale. The Tax Office requires a copy of the Contract of Sale prior to transfer of title. Currently 4% of the assessed value of the property.

  • VA.T. – Payable to the Tax Office by the seller if they’re deemed by the Tax Office to be a ‘Professional Vendor’ (i.e. whether the transaction is of a commercial nature or for profit). The Tax Office requires a copy of the Contract of Sale presented prior to transfer of title. Currently 5% of the Contract value.

  • Transfer Fee - Payable to the Land Registry Office just before transfer of title takes place. Usually paid by the buyer and is currently 3% of the assessed value of the property for locals and 12% for foreigners.

  • Stamp Duty - Payable to the Tax Office by the buyer unless varied by an express clause in the Contract of Sale. All Contracts of Sale must be registered at the District Lands Office within 21 days of being signed. Stamp Duty of 0.5% of the contract value must be paid before registration can take place.


Obtaining permission to purchase

The obtaining of permission to purchase is protracted and can take anywhere from 1 month to one year, but this doesn’t mean you’ll be unable to take possession. Once contracts have been exchanged and registered at the Land Registry, you’ll acquire beneficial interest and contractual rights of the property. Not only can you take possession, but your rights on the property are protected at the Land Registry Office, therefore no third party can buy, sell, or claim your property until permission is granted and deeds are transferred.

Can I sell my property before I obtain my purchase permission?

Yes - if you’ve negotiated with the seller to insert a clause allowing you to sell the property before taking title. Your lawyer would then prepare an assignment of contract to be signed between you, the seller, and the new buyer, assigning all of your rights and obligations under the contract to the new buyer.

Property Prices

Up to date information on housing prices is available from 101evler.

Guides > Property > Cities


A coastal town that’s developing rapidly. If you love the mountains as much as the beach, this is the place to be, as the magnificent Five-Finger Mountains are located here. Local legend says these mountains got their shape after two men fell in love with the same girl in Kyrenia and settled the disagreement with a duel. One threw his opponent into a swamp who could do nothing but ask for help by outstretching his hand. When the swamp dried out, the mountains took the shape they have today. St Hilarion Castle also located on Kyrenia Mountains, is said to be Walt Disney’s inspiration for Snow White’s castle. Very close to the castle, there’s Karmi village, with picturesque white houses, pubs, restaurants, and a church right in the canter. Bellapais, another village in Kyrenia, has a beautiful 13th-century abbey right next to Kybele Restaurant, which has amazing views of the city. It’s also where the famous British author Lawrence Durrell wrote his masterpiece, “Bitter Lemons of Cyprus.” Kyrenia has great restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy the view of the Kyrenia

Kyrenia Castle & Harbour North Cyprus

mountains and the sea at the same time. The two most popular towns for expats in the Kyrenia area are Alsancak and Esentepe. Both have big expat communities and many facilities.



In Alsancak, there’s a national park with walking and running paths. It’s a great place for a relaxed morning walk. The town also has an amazing vineyard, popular among expats as well as locals, for wine tastings and tours.  Winemaking has a long history in Cyprus with the traditional Cypriot wine commandaria served at the wedding of King Richard the Lionheart and Berengaria of Navarre.


Home to Alagadi Turtle Beach, where the endemic caretta carettas and green turtles come to hatch every year between May and October. A local organisation works for the protection of the turtles, and arranges public sessions where residents and tourists can see baby turtles hatching from their eggs and taking their first steps towards the sea. The famous Korineum Golf & Beach Resort, is also located in Esentepe.


With sandy beaches, local taverns, and many all-inclusive hotels and resorts, Iskele is also popular among expats. Long Beach, the main beach in Iskele, is 1.5 miles long and the longest beach in Northern Cyprus. Golden Beach, the most beautiful beach on the whole island, is on the Karpaz Peninsula, connected to the Iskele area.  Apostolos Andreas Monastery is on the Karpaz Peninsula as well. According to legend, during a journey to the Holy Land, St Andrew’s ship stopped here. He hit the rocks with his staff, and when water sprang out of the land, it healed the captain’s eye, who had been blind for years. Between the central area of Iskele and Karpaz Peninsula, there's Boğaz,, which is a stronghold of seafood restaurants. These are traditional Cypriot taverns where you can have fish and meze at very affordable prices. In Bafra, there's hotels and resorts where you can indulge in spas, massages, traditional Turkish hammams, sauna, open buffet restaurants, bars, private pools, and beach clubs.



Famagusta is a vibrant town with a lot of history. It’s a good mix between city life and beach life, as the city centre is close to the beach. If you need a balance between both, it’s definitely the place to be. There are many cafés, restaurants, bars and patisseries in the centre. The oldest, and arguably the best, university in Northern Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean University, is also located in Famagusta and is close to the city centre - another reason the city is as lively as it is. Also here is Othello's Castle, which takes its name from Shakespeare’s “Othello.” Just like Karpaz Peninsula, Famagusta is rich in religious history. St Barnabas Monastery is here. It’s dedicated to Barnabas, the patron saint of Cyprus. There is also an iconography museum next to the monastery. The beaches in Famagusta are gorgeous, with golden sand similar to the beaches in Iskele. In the Maras area, you can find Palm Beach, a relaxed place full of palm trees. For a livelier atmosphere, there’s Bedi’s Beach, which has been completely renovated by young Cypriots to be turned into a beach bar. During summer, they organize themed music events. Bedi’s Beach is next to the ruins of Salamis, the remains of an ancient Greek city. The theatre of the Salamis Ruins is still used for concerts and cultural events. Salamis has hosted the local symphony orchestra of Northern Cyprus as well as international stars such as Lara Fabian, Julian Marley, The Wailers, and Boney M.

Guides > Property > Forbes Endorsement

North Cyprus has been a hidden gem for years. A small Mediterranean country, home to those that know, then Forbes gets in on the act and the whole world is given an insight into how it becomes the No 1 place to invest! Forbes is a well respected and widely read media giant, which focuses on business, lifestyle and investment, so to have North Cyprus noticed and listed as a great place to invest is significant. We may want it to remain a secret unnoticed by the rest of the world, but the fact that one of the world’s most respected organisations has ranked it No.1 has really made people sit up and take notice.

The article itself focuses on the average cost of buying property in North Cyprus, as well the cost of living, noting that a beachfront property would cost you a fraction of that found in European destinations. Very true. It mentions, in particular,  Iskele, which has the best beaches in Northern Cyprus for sure.  They also point out finance options from developers that allow investors to buy even if they don't have funds for a full cash purchase. So, thank you Forbes, for such a great plug for North Cyprus, not that we haven’t been aware that it is, and has been, a really great place to live for some time already!

You can read the FULL ARTICLE

Forbes North Cyprus

Guides > Property > Investing

A Non-EU country, located in the Mediterranean, with property prices in sterling and far cheaper than many popular European destinations. Following Brexit, relocating to popular European destinations, such as Spain, has become more complicated, making North Cyprus a very attractive alternative.

Healthcare standards in North Cyprus are impressive and affordable.  Where you might have to wait over a year to see a consultant in some countries, you may well find that going private in North Cyprus is not such an expensive nor time-heavy proposition.  Consultations are quick, diagnoses are thorough and, should an operation be needed, you'll be on the schedule within the week.

Education options are plentiful, offering all age groups a good standard of learning across the board. University education in particular is booming.

Residency is easier than ever with online systems. The cost is not prohibitive and cheaper and easier to get than many other relocation destinations.

Investing in North Cyprus Property

The cost of living is a fraction of that in Europe, utilities are cheaper and property is plentiful and competitively priced. Eating out can be extremely cheap compared to oter European countries. Weekly shopping costs, whilst on the rise like anywhere else, are much more affordable.

Finance – Interest on deposit accounts for £GBP and $US are much higher than elsewhere. Relocating savings could help your ability to live, with many retirees on decent pensions being able to live entirely off the interest from their savings.

All those benefits and we didn’t even mention the beaches!

Guides > Property > Property Loans

Nowadays, many home buyers, even the ones who don't have difficulty with funds, understand the benefits of credit plans.  The way property loans or mortgages are provided in Northern Cyprus is achieved simply buying it on credit. Lack of formalities related to the provision of documents, favourable credit conditions, and favourable interest rates, are just some of the features which make credit plans increasingly popular. When buyers purchase property using credit plans, they still become owners of the property immediately after registration of the contract, not after the credit is paid off. For a foreign citizen, receiving a bank loan in Northern Cyprus can be a complicated process, so developers attract foreign buyers by offering flexible payment plans and credit loans themselves. In short, property loans are provided by developers in the form of credit, not by banks or mortgage providers. Foreign citizens are very active property buyers in Northern Cyprus, therefore even small developers take loans from banks themselves and use that to supply credit plans for buyers. Credit for 10-15 years can be obtained in Northern Cyprus with just a valid

Property Loans in North Cyprus

passport and a down payment for the property, so the process is really easy. Property that's being purchased using a credit plan is still transferred into the buyer’s name immediately after signing the contract. The conditions of the  Credit Plan are written into the contract of sale and the property becomes the security for the loan.


Obtaining full ownership of the property (receiving title deeds in owner’s name) is done after full repayment of the loan. Even though your credit plan may be over, for example, 15 years, you're still the owners and can still rent or sell the property. With proper management of acquired property, if it'll be used for rental, not only does it cover all the costs of the loan, but can also bring profit. If you sell the property before you've repaid in full, the oustanding amount is simply settled from the proceeds of the sale, just like any other mortgage. Since the loan in North Cyprus is provided directly by developers, credit conditions offered are different. Terms of the acquisition of real estate loans vary depending on the project, payment terms and the market situation, but they share the following rules:

- To obtain a loan, only avalid passport is needed
- A down payment for the property ranges from 10% to 50% (average is 35%)
- The interest rate varies from 5% to 13% per annum, depending on the builder

It's not hard to obtain a loan in Cyprus from the development company for new properties (not resale properties or properties being sold by private individuals). You can even arrange the purchase of property in Northern Cyprus with a credit plan without coming to the island to process the transaction.

Guides > Property > Property Tours

A New Vision

Fancy starting your life in North Cyprus attracted by a great choice of properties; a low Crime Rate; a beautiful, peaceful, natural environment in the Mediterranean sun and easy travel to your new property via Larnaca or Ercan Airports? Then join those who’ve achieved their vision with a North Cyprus property tour.


Property agents have been helping visitors achieve a new life in Northern Cyprus for almost 20 years and want you to have the best choice. To achieve this they’ll ask questions before your Property Tour or day viewing such as:

  • What’s your personal vision of life in North Cyprus?

  • Do you want to resell soon?

  • Do you want to rent out your property?

  • What’s realistic for you financially?

  • Do you want to view more expensive new build properties (with developer loans) or do you wish to also view resale properties?

 Property Tours  in North Cyprus


After completing a questionnaire, the agent will send you property matches tailored to you. A typical testimonial is as follows: ”good sound advice on a large selection of properties available to suit all tastes coupled with no pressure selling”.  John and Geraldine N.


Tours can be spread over several days or a few hours. Some focus on more expensive new builds, as they offer very high quality and usually come with a developer loan or rental assistance. To get the best choice you need also to view resale properties. New build isn’t best if you want lower cost property. Resale properties can be way less expensive and with a little “TLC” resale can offer huge lifestyle and rental potential. In Northern Cyprus you have the freedom to choose what’s best for your own vision.


Typical Itinerary

  • Viewings over several days or just for a few hours - the choice is yours.

  • Free visit to meet a lawyer

  • Transportation from the airport

  • Hotel accommodation advice if needed and hotel refunds if you purchase

  • Resale properties and New build properties 

  • Developer payment plans

  • Bank Mortgage advice for resale properties with individual deeds.


Online Property Tours

If you can’t make a visit to the island in person, many agents will arrange property tours via the internet. Agents are happy to work with people from all over the world, with Turkish, English, German and Russian commonly spoken.

Guides > Property > Title Deeds

There have been 3 types of freehold title in Northern Cyprus.

  • Pre-1974 Turkish Title or British Title refers to land, or property built on land, which was always part of North Cyprus and never owned by Greek Cypriots

  • TRNC Esdeger Title. Also referred to as Exchange Title, this is where aTurkish Cypriot owner has been given this land by the TRNC government in exchange for an equivalent piece of land, which they previously owned, in the South of the island. Esdeger land is increasingly hard to find.

  • TRNC TMD Title. This is land where no exchange has taken place, and theoretically there may be some compensation payable as part of a future political settlement of the Cyprus issue.

These now fall into two main categories: Pre-74 and TRNC Title which includes Esdeger Title and TMD Title. 

Title Deeds in North Cyprus

Pre-74 Title Deed land only makes up around 10% of Northern Cyprus land. TRNC title refers to the other 90% of land, or new property built on land, which is a new title deed issued by the North Cyprus government since 1974.  In March 2010, the European Courts of Justice gave official recognition to the North Cyprus Immovable Property Commission, which fully recognises that any theoretical compensation due to a possible original pre-74 Cypriot landowner (if they’re still alive) is, since 2010, now paid by the Commission upon application. Since March 2010, consensus amongst international investors is that both types of title deed in North Cyprus are equally safe.   


There’s probably more risk buying from an unverified small developer who has an unpaid debt on his land, than you are by buying a TRNC title deed from a reputable developer. Buying a TRNC title deed, or looking at both types, will generally give you better range, types and prices to consider buying, including land near to sought after facilities like the Karpaz Gate Marina or Korineum Golf and Beach Resort.  When you’re looking to buy any property, it’s a good idea to use agents who make sure that correct land titles are in place, and every individual property has the correct individual title deeds either ready to pass to the new owner, or likely to be forthcoming soon, or once the new-build site is completed.

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