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There's NO equivalent to a National Health Service in the TRNC. All Medical and Dental treatments are at the cost of the patient and charges vary from one practitioner to another. Doctors and Dentists issue prescriptions, but these are payable at cost by the patient. If you're receiving a regular prescription  take care to check the availability and cost of any medicines you may require.


There's plenty of good doctors, dentists and hospitals, both state and private, in the TRNC, along with other health professionals. The standard of care is generally good to excellent, but it is different. In case of emergency there’s a good ambulance service, thanks to the hard work and dedication of volunteers and professionals. The number to ring for an ambulance is 112. Be aware there’s no post code generated satellite navigation system, nor freely available street maps, so you may need a friend to meet with the ambulance and guide it to you, if you're not near to a well-known location. Many minor injuries are treated quickly and without cost in the emergency room of the state hospitals.

Health Insurance in North Cyprus

It’s local practice that the first port of call during an illness is the local pharmacist, who provides free advice, or will recommend a visit to a doctor. There’s not a wide spread 'General Practitioner' system, although Kamiloglu Hospital (also known as Kyrenia Medical Center) in Girne is introducing the service and a GPS ambulance system for registered patients. If you have a known particular ailment, you can go directly to a consultant for that condition. You’ll be expected to look after your own X Rays, MRI Scans etc. Most hospitals have a range of specialists. If admitted to hospital it’s usual for a carer to be present to help the patient get to the toilet etc and to provide additional needs. In State owned hospitals, it’s also usual for the carer to obtain required drugs from a nearby pharmacy. There are numerous dental surgeries, many of which have ultra-modern equipment.

Health insurance

Covers the cost of medical and surgical expenses. Depending on coverage, you pay then claim it back, or the insurance company pays direct, providing it’s a covered condition. Medical costs in many countries can be very expensive and there are many horror stories of ex-pats who’ve suffered serious illness, been unable to pay healthcare bills and had to sell their home, car or cash in life savings to make payments. There are also people who've had to give up their retirement or nice life to return to their home country because they can’t afford to live here with on-going medical bills. There's quite a number of health insurance plans available in Northern Cyprus from both local and overseas providers. Some of the local products may only cover up to a certain age so check them thoroughly. Cover provided and premiums payable will depend on age, type and extent of cover required and any pre-existing conditions, which is very important to declare at application stage. You should spend time and effort selecting a health insurer, understanding the benefits it offers, ensuring your agency knows the products well and can answer questions about the product and claims issues when they arise.

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Medical Tourism in North Cyprus

North Cyprus Medical Tourism offers state of the art medical, dental and IVF facilities, low costs and an ideal climate for post-operative recuperation.


A growing number of visitors are looking to combine a visit or holiday with the opportunity to get private medical or fertility / IVF treatments, cosmetic or general surgery and dental treatments at a fraction of the usual cost in their home country.


Many of these visitors currently come from the UK, Switzerland and other European countries, where operation waiting lists are long, private medical and dental treatment prices (including dental implants) are high, and where some treatments are simply not available.


New hospitals such as the Near East University Hospital in Lefkosa

and IVF medical establishments such as the Kolan British IVF Centre, Lefkosa IVF Centre, Dunya IVF and Miracle IVF Centre, offer world-class treatments on a par with other established health tourism destinations.  The British Kolan Hospital is the biggest private hospital in North Cyprus with a good range of specialists and intensive care centre. They offer  Reproductive Endocrinology and IVF, hold ISO 9001 certification, won best Hospital of the Year several years running, and have their own brand-new IVF laboratory.  The availability of a wide range of specialist departments under one roof is important, as it ensures that any IVF patient experiencing complications has access to the right specialists and intensive care if needed.

TRNC and Switzerland

2015 saw North Cyprus Ministry of Health sign an initial agreement with two leading Swiss Medical Associations following which a joint North Cyprus-Swiss Medical Tourism Committee was formed. This led to an increase in Swiss health tourism visitors as well as enabling the exchange of technology and medical doctors and other personnel between the two countries. This is a win-win situation for patients and medical services in both North Cyprus and Switzerland ensuring TRNC’s medical facilities gain the benefit of technology and equipment used elsewhere in the general European area, while taking pressure off health services in Switzerland. Best of all, Swiss patients get the benefit of lower cost or even state-funded procedures carried out more quickly and often more effectively.



North Cyprus is a perfect location for recuperation from any sort of operation or dental procedure, whether or not you’re recuperating in a clinic, hospital bed, or hotel room. The amount saved by undergoing private medical or dental work in North Cyprus, compared with the cost for the same treatment elsewhere, easily covers the cost of the flights and often the accommodation as well. Many, particularly elderly patients, find the warm climate has an extremely positive effect on a range of conditions including arthritis and asthma, as well as being a great climate for their recovery.

Choose a leading hospital or private clinic

As with all countries, anyone wishing to organise their own medical or dental procedure should be careful to check the credentials and references of the medical institution they’re about to visit. All North Cyprus Doctors speak English. Hospitals which are part of the major universities such as the Near East University Hospital have an excellent reputation. Be sure to get a quote in writing at the outset. Standard investigations such as MRI and CT scans can also be obtained at a fraction of the cost in other countries. There's a number of excellent private scanning companies in Lefkosa as well as very good private and specialist medical clinics and laboratories in both Lefkosa and Girne.


Low-cost private healthcare in North Cyprus for residents too

It’s not only tourists who benefit from state-of-the-art medical facilities in North Cyprus. Many of those who come initially for a holiday, or a vacation combined with a medical, cosmetic or dental procedure, realise what a benefit it would be to their life to live most of the year in the TRNC, and move to live there.


While there’s no free national health service in North Cyprus, the costs are so low and the standard so high that, with or without pre-existing health insurance, you don’t need high income to afford good health care. In European countries, a patient wishing to see a specialist can wait weeks for an appointment. In Northern Cyprus you can literally visit a hospital or private clinic, and ask to see a specialist on that same day for a comprehensive appointment. Tests are carried out rapidly, usually on the same day, and results come fast, via high tech laboratories.


Prescriptions and drug/medicine costs are extremely low in Northern Cyprus compared with other countries. For those with minor ailments who don’t need a hospital, pharmacies in North Cyprus act almost as clinics, with all pharmacists fluent in English and able to dispense a wide variety of drugs and medicines.


If you have an accident in North Cyprus, or need hospital transportation, there’s an equally excellent service. The 112 TRNC Ambulance Service serves both state and private hospitals and was created by a former British NHS Manager and paramedic and all 112 ambulances are staffed by trained paramedics. There are rapid response times to medical emergencies and ambulance stations all around North Cyprus. All in all, the future for medical tourism in Northern Cyprus is looking extremely healthy, if you'll pardon the pun.

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With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, why not unwind at a professional spa and wellness centre in Northern Cyprus? Nothing is more important than your health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally.


Northern Cyprus has packages for spa and wellbeing breaks to suit every budget. Spa holidays cater for everyone, whether you’re looking for a traditional spa with massages, saunas and Jacuzzi’s, to a more active fitness and wellbeing program. All hotels featured have been picked to bring you quality that won't cost the earth. Fabulous spa and wellness centres can be found at:


Korineum Golf & Beach Resort

Acapulco Spa Resort

Grand Pasha Hotel

Gillham Vineyard

Salamis Bay Conti

Merit Park Hotel

Spa & Wellness in North Cyprus

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Guides > Health > Tulips Cancer Charity

A cancer diagnosis can turn your world upside down but Tulips can help. How can TULIPS help? Life changes immediately after hearing the words; "you have cancer". Initially it's the only thing on your mind and you can think of little else. This'll be one of the hardest battles you'll encounter and the TULIPS cancer support team will assist every step of the way through cancer treatment. They' help everyone with cancer, irrespective of nationality.

Help Just For You

Everyone reacts differently when diagnosed with cancer. This new diagnosis can stir up a range of emotions. You may feel shock, numbness and anger. It can be hard to believe. You'll have questions like ‘why me? TULIPS support all kinds of cancer and provide practical and emotional support to the patient and their families during cancer treatment and after the treatment period. TULIPS support team are on hand to help and understand what patients are going through.

TULIPS Cancer Charity in North Cyprus

Support & InformationFirstly you'll have many questions about what's available in TRNC?  How to organise your treatment? Can I get a second opinion? How will I organise all my tests?  What costs are involved? To name but a few. TULIPS can help answer all of these, so that any decision you make about when and where you'll have your treatment, will be an informed decision based on the facts given to you.

Financial Worries?

This is always a concern. Unless you're a citizen of TRNC you'll have to pay for all your treatment which could end up quite costly. Speak to TULIPS support workers who will help guide you through the approximate costs you'll incur.

Hope Shines Through

Having cancer doesn’t mean you have to lose hope. Hope is the belief that a positive outcome lies ahead. This belief can be difficult to hold onto in the face of cancer, however by holding onto this sense of hope you can help yourself face cancer with strength and confidence. Hope can help ease overwhelming doubts and fears.  Attitude affects everything. Make hope a way of life.

Fund Raising

As a non-profit non-governmental organisation, raising money never ends. Fundraising is the core part of the charity who rely on your generosity.  Without your support TULIPS simply can't survive or help as many cancer patients as they do.  Monthly commitments are high so they can't sit back once they've completed an event, they have to continuously look forward due to the amount of people to help. TULIPS is helping some 1,800 patients at any one time and receive approx 700 new patients per year. Fundraising is not just a means of raising money but also a way to raise awareness of the charity and its goals. They're constantly looking for new donors and always on the lookout for new events or ideas to raise funds. If you've an idea for an event or wish to run one in aid of Tulips, then please contact them.

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Yoga & Pilates Retreat @ Karpaz

This heavenly escape is the perfect place to find comfort and peace and distract you from life’s stresses. Immerse yourself in the beauty of North Cyprus with a 5 -night stay on a full board basis with free access to hamam, saunas, beach, pool, fitness area, and more.



  • Hatha Yoga Style

  • Vegetarian friendly

  • 2 professionally led classes per day

  • Free access to hammam, saunas, beach, pool, fitness area

  • Discount on treatments at the hammam and spa

  • 4 hours fun boat tour

  • Coffee break twice a day

  • 5 nights full board accommodation

  • Round trip airport transfers

  • Caters for Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

Yoga in North Cyprus

Spa treatments available at extra cost

  • Swedish massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Targeted massage

  • Turkish spa body ritual

  • Reflexology

  • Hammam exfoliation

  • Classic hammam

  • Sultan treatment


  • Gym

  • Health Club

  • Sauna

  • Spa

  • Indoor & Outdoor Swimming pool

  • Air-conditioned rooms & public areas

  • Dining area, Bar, Poolside Bar, Restaurant, BBQ 

  • Lobby, Concierge, Tour assistance, Luggage Room

  • Meeting room

  • Luggage room / storage

  • Multilingual staff in English, Russian, Turkish

  • Special menu request

  • Yoga deck & studio

  • Free parking

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Laundry, Iron & ironing board

  • Medical assistance

  • Airport transfer included from Ercan & Larnaca

The hotel’s 52 rooms and suites, named cabins (as in a yacht), are airy and cool, with crisp white sheets and touches of nautical flair such as Teak deck floors, sailing visuals, and white wood-washed ceilings. Marina, sea, and garden views invite you to enjoy the Mediterranean nature or to step onto your balcony for a nightcap beneath the stars.



Mornings start with coffee or tea and a light snack of dates and nuts before Mat Pilates. Breakfast will then be served at Hemingway's Resto Bar before a boat tour (weather dependant) and lunch onboard or at the Beach Club. After lunch, coffee or tea is followed by the mixed-flow yoga class. Dinner on the marina front at Hemingway's Resto Bar is followed by a bonfire or Beach Hang Out and live music A 4-hour boat tour is included on day 4 of the retreat, which includes lunch onboard (the day may change depending on the weather).



An unspoiled corner of the Mediterranean. With a rich and intriguing history, North Cyprus is a land of contrasts. Vibrant business centres and tranquil villages; traditional values and cosmopolitan lifestyle; sun-kissed beaches, fertile valleys, and snowy mountains all await discovery. In a region that remains largely untouched by the usual Mediterranean over-development, friendly locals and a community spirit provide visitors with a unique experience and memorable welcome.


Fringed by long golden beaches, the region features ancient castles and abbeys, vibrant culture, and enticing cuisine. The natural landscape includes mountainous peaks as well as an abundance of flora and fauna and notable wildlife, including the region’s rare turtles and wild donkeys on the island’s Karpaz peninsula. Visit Famagusta, Nicosia, and Kyrenia for an abundance of shops and restaurants, or enjoy sites such as St Hilarion Castle, Bellapais Abbey, and the famous Apostolos Andreas Monastery.



Hemingway’s Resto-Bar is perfectly located on the promenade. Savour traditional Cypriot cuisine, international delicacies, seasonal treats, and your favourite drinks while overlooking the marina or while enjoying the sea air outside on the terrace.

By embracing the philosophy to respect, nurture and enhance the surroundings, this is a truly immersive experience within this natural marine and countryside setting. The vegetables and herbs garden provides fresh produce straight to your plate alongside their own homemade bread and fresh, locally-sourced dairy, fish, and meat.

Included: Tea, Coffee, Water, Breakfast, Lunch Dinner, Snacks, Drinks.

Vegetarian dishes served. Special dietary requirements can be catered for.

Optional extras

  • 46ft (14m) sailing yacht charter for full and half-day sailing trips catering for up to six people

  • RYA powerboat level 2 course

  • Hire a luxury beach club cabana

Health & Hygiene


  • Cleaning materials are effective against coronavirus.

  • Linens, towels and laundry washed in line with l guidelines.

  • Accommodation disinfected between stays.

  • Accommodation protocols follow all local authority guidelines.

  • Equipment for activities is disinfected before and/or after use.


Physical distancing

  • Cashless payment available.

  • Physical distancing maintained.

  • Instructors maintain distance from clients at all times possible.

  • Activities take place outside where possible.


Safety features

  • Staff follow all protocols directed by local government.

  • Hand sanitizer available in guest rooms and key areas.

  • Process in place to check the health of guests.

  • First aid kit available.

  • Isolation room available.

  • Protective masks are available for all staff.

  • Protective masks available for clients.

  • All staff are fully vaccinated.


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