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Take Our Quiz & Enter Our Draw For a "Costa Cuisine"
1000TL Voucher 
1. Who is the President of Northern Cyprus?
3. Ceviz Macun is a local dessert made from what?
2. What is the main ingredient of Ayran?
4. Lahmacun is what type of local dish?
5. Pekmez is a local syrup made from which tree?
7. What is “Lion’s Milk” better known as?
9. Babutsa is the local name for what?
11. Which English King was married in Cyprus?
13. Mustafa Pasha Mosque is in which city?
15. TRNC name was created when?
6. Pilavuna is what type of local delicacy?
8. A Şeftali Kebab is what type of dish?
10. Zinavia is what type of spirit?
12. Which famous play is linked to Famagusta?
14. Britain annexed Cyprus in which year?
16. What does KKTC stand for?

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